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Migraine Relief

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It’s that dreaded throbbing head pain or sensitivity to light, sounds and smells that migraine sufferers know too well.  Since our staff has been receiving an abundance of phone calls from South Floridians suffering from migraines, we thought this was the perfect time to discuss the potential benefits of IV therapy for migraine headaches.

Over 30 million Americans suffer from weekly migraines, and while these types of headaches have many different causes, one major cause can be the results of magnesium deficiency.  In fact, an estimated 80 million Americans suffer from a deficiency in this vital nutrient.  Magnesium deficiency appears to be a commonality in all leading theories of migraine pathogenesis.  However, it is difficult to nail down the exact reason for magnesium’s benefits in treating migraine headaches because is has such a wide range of effects.

While oral magnesium may be of some benefit, many of the studies using magnesium for migraine headache relief used the intravenous (IV) route.  It appears that IV magnesium is far more effective and works much more quickly than pill form of the same.  Magnesium is extremely safe although when give IV for migraine headaches, it can cause flushing and a lowering of the blood pressure.  But, our clients do not have to worry, because we send only qualified medical staff to administer and monitor our IV therapies.

IV2You clients who suffer from migraines have expressed their sincerest gratitude for our treatments not only because of the relatively rapid improvement in their symptoms but also because our mobile service allows clients to remain in the comfort of their own home rather than to travel to an outpatient, and often inconvenient and more expensive, setting.




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