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IV2You August Newsletter


Excited to report that we will be attending the Palm Beach Wedding Expo this month! After Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello provided IV Therapy treatments to their guests during their wedding weekend at the Breakers in Palm Beach, we have had an abundance of wedding party requests. That being said, we thought it would be the perfect time to expand our services to the wedding industry. Whether you’ve been a bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsman, or a wedding guest, chances are, you’re probably familiar with those dreaded post-wedding hangover effects.


We offer IV Therapy treatments & Nutrient Injection add ons that are perfect for a long wedding weekend…


2-Revive Hangover Therapy IV Drip: Whether you are getting ready for a big night out with friends or you have already enjoyed an evening out and need some relief before your next day, call us to bring you our ‘2 Revive’ IV hangover therapy to help you get back on track.  This IV hydration therapy contains Lactated Ringers and important electrolytes which help to rehydrate while neutralizing acidity.  We also add IV Magnesium and IV B-complex, nutrients that are  depleted during alcohol consumption.

Bachelorette Party


2-Hydrate IV Drip:  This therapy consists of 1000 cc of Lactated Ringers, a commonly used IV fluid that is the most similar to the blood.  It also contains low levels of nutrients and helps to balance blood pH.

2 Bottles

2-Energize IV Drip:  This unique blend of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and select minerals is designed to help boost energy levels by supporting the healthy function of cells and providing necessary cofactors which are important in many metabolic pathways.  Magnesium, Calcium, B5, B6, B12, B-complex, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C are contained in this IV therapy.

b w


2-Beautify IV Drip:  This skin enhancing therapy improves skin tone, texture, and pigmentation, and helps improve fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition to B-vitamins, folic acid, and magnesium, this IV contains the important anti-oxidant nutrients Glutathione and Vitamin C, both of which are well known to improve skin health.


Vitamin B12 Injection: Vitamin B12 is a very important, water soluble vitamin involved in numerous bodily functions.  It plays a major role in supporting the nervous system and in producing red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body.  Vitamin B12 has been used for improving memory, boosting mood, energy, concentration and the immune system, and slowing aging. It has also been shown to be beneficial for heart disease, male infertility, diabetes, sleep disorders, mood disorders, bone health, and the prevention of certain types of cancers.

Vit B12

If you’re a part of an upcoming wedding, we would love to hear from you. Contact us for more information about our exclusive wedding party packages. Don’t forget to visit us at the Palm Beach Wedding Expo – Sunday, August 21 at the Indian Springs Country Club 11501 El Clair Ranch Road Boynton Beach, Florida 33437.


In other news…

We’re happy to report about our newest Corporate Affiliation with the Hayes Clinical Laboratory! The Hayes Clinical Laboratory specializes in testing a range of body fluids. It is a full-service medical laboratory that has been in operation for more than 25 years. The laboratory serves patients and physicians in South Florida. It offers a range of laboratory and pathology testing services. The laboratory provides a variety of information technology services, such as online reporting and order placement. Hayes Clinical Laboratory offers online information on the causes of heart diseases. It conducts the NMR LipoProfile tests for individuals suffering from diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure.

Call IV2You to send a phlebotomist to you to have your blood work drawn.  They can take it to Hayes Lab or any other lab you choose for rapid assessment.  All laboratory testing is billed directly to your health insurance.

Hayes Lab