Information about IV Nutrient Therapies

One major advantage of receiving IV hydration and IV nutrient replacement is the immediacy of the benefits received.  Although our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients through our gastrointestinal tract, many things can make this process substantially less effective.  Age, the use of prescription drugs and over the counter medications, alcohol consumption, ingestion of foods to which we are sensitive, and stress can all contribute to decreased gastrointestinal nutrient absorption.  In addition, for individuals who are experiencing active dehydration, such as in cases of nausea/vomiting, sweating from excessive exercise, or decreased oral intake due to illness, IV therapies are the best way to quickly and effectively provide rehydration.  Also, higher doses of fluids and nutrients can be given by IV therapies than by the oral route.

IV hydration and nutrient infusions require the placement of an small needle into a vein in the arm, a process which takes just a few moments.  Depending upon the IV therapy you are receiving, IV infusions can last between 20 and 45 minutes.  You will monitored by a licensed health care professional during the entire process.

All that is required is a place for you to sit or lie down.  You can choose to have the infusion at our office, at your home, your office, your hotel room, or any other location that allows for a small, comfortable place for you to relax and receive your IV infusion.  Since you may discuss personal medical information, you may want to choose a quiet, private location to receive your IV therapy.

All IV therapies contain IV fluids that are traditionally used in any other medical setting such as a hospital or doctor’s office.  Other ingredients include vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids, all of which are readily available over the counter in oral form.

All medications we use are FDA approved.

No.  All therapies are safe.  Prior to receiving any treatments, you will have a brief telephone consultation with a member of the IV2You staff who will ask you for any important details about your medications and medical history.  If there is any reason why you may not be a candidate for therapy, you will be informed at the time of your complimentary consultation.

We offer a variety of IV nutrient therapies, and all of them can be administered at different frequencies.  The frequency each IV therapy can be given is located under the individual descriptions of each of the IV therapies section pages of the website.

Because our infusions are performed by licensed health care professionals with proper experience, the possibility of experiencing any side effects is unlikely.  Nonetheless, potential side effects from IV placement may include pain with needle insertion, redness or swelling at the site of the needle or, in extreme cases, infection at the IV site. Allergic reactions, bruising, and phlebitis may also occur.  In addition, some of our infusions contain magnesium which can sometimes cause a sensation of flushing.  This can be minimized by slowing the rate of infusion.

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  • If you are not present at your designated location at the date and time of your scheduled service(s) at the time a member of our healthcare team arrives, you will not receive your scheduled service, and you will forfeit the entire fee for whichever service(s) you were scheduled to receive. Our staff member will wait up to ten minutes for you to arrive.
  • Our goal is to provide exemplary professional medical services to our clients. In the event you successfully receive the service(s) you have requested but are dissatisfied with some aspect of the treatment, no credit or refund will be issued to you.
  • In the rare instance the IV2YOUTM healthcare team is unable to provide your service(s), you will be provided with as much advance notice as possible, and you will receive a full refund of your service(s).
  • If the contracted professional member of our medical team is unable to successfully perform the full service(s) you are scheduled to receive for reasons beyond their control, you will receive a full refund of your service(s) less a $100 medical assessment fee. Such circumstances include but are not limited to: 1) an unsuccessful attempt to access your vein; 2) the iv medication will not infuse despite appropriate IV placement; 3) your medical condition at the time the service(s) is to be administered precludes delivery of the service(s) (i.e. your blood pressure is elevated or you are under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol).
  • If, for whatever reason, you choose to abort the service(s) you are receiving after treatment has already begun (i.e. you choose to stop your IV treatment before the treatment is completed), you will forfeit the entire cost of the service(s) you have been scheduled to receive.
  • If upon evaluation by our contracted medical professional you are found to have misrepresented any information about yourself, including but not limited to your medical condition, your age, and/or your identity, and/or you are acutely intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs, no service(s) will be provided and our medical professional will immediately depart your location. You will still be charged the full amount for any service(s) you were scheduled to receive.

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  • If it is necessary for you to cancel your appointment, IV2YOUTM requires you notify us at least 8 (eight) hours in advance of your scheduled service. If such notice is not provided, you will forfeit the entire fee for whatever service(s) you were scheduled to receive.
  • IV2YOUTM will do its best to respond to your request for service(s) as soon as possible. Although we cannot always guarantee immediate service, it is our goal to provide IV therapies within 24 hours from the date the service is scheduled and to provide hormone pellet placement services within seven (7) days from the date the service is scheduled.
  • You will be required to speak with the physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant prior to scheduling any service(s). This will allow a review of your medical history and determination of your medical eligibility to receive the service(s) you are requesting.  Your health and safety are our primary concern, and we want to ensure you are able to receive service(s) prior to your being scheduled for service(s).
  • Should you require IV therapies in a time frame sooner than that outlined above, you may request expedited service for an additional fee depending upon how quickly you require treatment.
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