Our Mission

The mission of IV2You is to provide clients with IV hydration and nutrient therapies, hormone pellet placements, nutrient injections, and blood draw services at a location of their choosing in order to maximize convenience and comfort.  While clients have historically needed to go to a medical office to receive these services, we are embracing the new paradigm in medicine and changing the way we practice.

The services provided by IV2You have been provided by our medical director, Dr. Lena Edwards, in her medical office for nearly two decades.  All services are extremely safe and efficiently done outside of a medical office if done by properly trained medical professionals.

It is of vital importance to our team that our patients are provided with:

  • Integrative Medical services that are offered in a professional and confidential manner
  • Delivery of medical services by properly trained and credentialed health care professionals
  • Direct medical oversight by physicians with years of experience, extensive training, proper credentialing, and extensive knowledge on all services being provided
  • Delivery of safe and effective Integrative Medical therapies in a convenient and comfortable location of the patient’s choosing

Why Choose Us?

The demand of Integrative Medicine Services and therapies has gone up significantly over the past several years, and with it, the number of health care facilities offering similar services.  With so many choices, it is critical that patients remain well informed of their options and be actively involved in their health care to make sure they receive competent, safe, effective, and reliable medical care.  Unfortunately, not all facilities offering similar services have the proper credentials nor can they provide these services at a location other than their medical offices.

Our IV2You team takes medical competency and safety very seriously and is committed to providing patients with state of the art Integrative Medicine services rendered only by experienced health care practitioners.  Our promise to our patients is to offer them Integrative Medicine services that are delivered only by properly trained health care professionals who are under the direct supervision of experienced,  highly trained, and appropriately credentialed physicians.

Dr. Edwards, our medical director, has nearly two decades of experience and training in both internal medicine and integrative medicine.  She is proficient in many fields including bioidentical hormones, hormone pellet placement, and IV nutrient therapies.  Many of our competitors do not have physician oversight or in many cases, the overseeing physician does not have the proper training.  Read more about Dr. Edwards on the “Meet Our Medical Director” page.